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Mega Millions Winning Numbers Results Announced Tonight September 24

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Results Announced Tonight September 24 2013 9-24-13

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers results tonight have just been announced. The result for September 24, 2013 grew after weeks of no big winner. But tonight that might have changed. What were the Mega Millions winning numbers for tonight 9-24-13, how big is tonight’s draw, and what could be happening on Friday? Officials during a live telecast moments ago revealed the winning numbers for Tuesday evening and they are 4, 11, 32, 39, 40, Mega: 33, Megaplier: 3.

Mega Millions winning numbers for tonight September 24, and for any evening, can change a player’s life. That is what happened six years ago this weekend. Linda and John Feeney of Passaic County came forward in October 2007 to announce that they were the winners of a twelve million dollar draw form that week’s Mega Millions. John told news that month that “2007 has already been a good year for us and our family. And when Linda and I checked the tickets, well, let’s just say that 2007 has become a VERY good year for us.”

Often winners find themselves checking and rejecting the numbers to assure themselves that they have won. John told news at the time that his wife “Linda checked the lottery numbers against our tickets in the morning when she arrived at work and called me right away – she said she thought we had won. I told her to come home; in the meantime, I checked the numbers again.” He added “I called Linda back on her cell phone; she pulled to the side of the road and I told her we really did have the winning ticket.”

And while six years have now passed, at the time the couple couldn’t accept the reality that they had won. “It took us both a while just to let the fact that we won sink in-in some ways, I think, it’s still sinking in.” For Powerball and Mega Millions winning numbers this week and continuing coverage click HERE.

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