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Marlo Hampton’s Spotlight Angers Bridesmaid Diana on I Dream of NeNe

Marlo Hampton's Spotlight Angers Bridesmaid Diana on I Dream of NeNe

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Marlo Hampton doesn’t just have any spotlight. Rather Marlo Hampton fumes “I am the spotlight” on tonight’s I Dream of NeNe. But who is Marlo Hampton now dating 2013?

Marlo and bridesmaid “Diana” fight on I Dream of NeNe tonight. Marlo tells Diana that she is the spotlight and to get out of it. Marlo is one of nine bridesmaids in tonight’s episode. NeNe says she might cut one of the bridesmaids out. Is one of the Kenya Moore?

NeNe says “We are at 9. I was thinking of getting rid of one.” But NeNe says she had more bridesmaids for her last wedding. “The first time we had twelve bridesmaid. And honey, let me tell yah, nine is a lot of women power to deal with.”

Marlo tells NeNe that she is not getting cut out of her gig, thank you. “Honey, I aint going anywhere. You are gonna have to call security.”

But the hilarious exchange erupts thereafter between Marlo and Diana. Diana asks Marlo how long she has known NeNe. The answer is a mere “two years”. Diana laughs under breath. Diana has known NeNe her whole life is ready to put her foot down.

Diana tells Marlo “I do think you want to be in the spotlight”. “Say what?” replies Marlo. “You are one those people I am talking about. You are an opportunist. NeNe worked very hard to get where she is…. you want to be in her spotlight”.

Marlo replies “I AM the spotlight.” The question is, which spotlight is Marlo speaking of. Do you think Marlo has any spotlight?

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