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Gregg Leakes Kids, Ex Wife Children Take to Radio: EXCLUSIVE

Gregg Leakes Kids, Ex Wife Children Take to Radio: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Gregg Leakes’ kids, his five children with his ex-wife, were the subject of radio interview in 2011. LALATE that same year exclusively reported that Bravo was secretly planning a spinoff show called I Dream of NeNe. Tonight, Bravo delivers episode two of I Dream of NeNe. And during tonight’s episode, that 2011 radio interview plays a pivotal role.

Gregg Leakes’ kids, including Damien Leakes or Damian Leakes, joins NeNe Leakes tonight on Bravo. But in 2011. Damien Leakes’ radio interview infuriated NeNe, LALATE can report. The radio interview was the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103 dated February 10, 2011.

Damien at the time was allegedly upset that Gregg and NeNe’s two sons were on the show but not the rest of the Leakes family. “You’re going about it the wrong way. I had no control over that show whatsoever. I’m not a housewife”, Gregg fumed at the time. Damien allegedly claimed that the NeNe was set to divorce Gregg, and Gregg was set to allegedly make a $300,000 claim against NeNe during the divorce proceeding.

NeNe tonight tells Gregg Leakes’ kids that they need to communicate better with their father, not her. “I do absolutely understand communication. When Damien says that he and Gregg worked out everything that they had, they moved on. But Gregg never told me. I want to know what is going, because Gregg is not telling me.”

NeNe tells Damien that Gregg’s kids have “have always had a problem with me, but your problem is with Gregg.” One of Gregg Leakes’ kids fumes. “But you are marrying into our family. This is the Leakes. You are supposed to keep communication open with us too. You can’t just keep it with you kids but no kept it with us.”

NeNe says “why am I gonna ask you about Christmas if you aren’t going to apologize what you did to me on radio.” The son replies “we were already here before you NeNe.” NeNe replies “it is not about you and NeNe Leakes. It is about you and Gregg Leakes.”

NeNe then tells viewers. “Don’t play. Lets be very clear. I did not marry into politics, or money. If anything, when I took the name of ‘Leakes”, I helped the name. Trust that.”

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