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Bills vs Jets 2013: Geno Smith Scores on TD Run

Bills vs Jets 2013: Geno Smith Scores on TD Run live score results channel today game

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Bills vs Jets 2013 (live score results below) just featured an impressive field goal by Dan Carpenter. Current score is 3-7 with thirteen minutes left in the first half. But earlier in today’s football game, Geno Smith impressed news with a first quarter touchdown run.

Bills vs Jets 2013 features two teams coming off a 1-1 records to start this football season. Geno Smith quickly scored however in the first quarter today. After a twelve play drive that lasted eighty yards and six minutes, Smith ran for a TD. Nick Folk’s kick thereafter was good. In the second, Dan Carpenter produced a thirty-seven yard field goal.

Before today’s game, Smith spoke about EJ Manuel who was drafted first round in the 2013 Draft, unlike like Smith. Smith, who was vocal at the time about his displeasure not going first round, said he is still friends with Manuel, except when they play against one another. “I stood up”, Geno told the Jets’ news site this week. “I congratulated him and that was it. I was happy for him. I was happy for every single guy that got drafted.”

Smith says he is proud of EJ. “To be compared to EJ, I’ll take it. EJ’s a great guy. He’s accomplished a bunch in his career and I think the world of him. He’s also my good friend, so it’s good to compete against a guy like that.”

So far in the first half, EJ has thrown one for five, producing only one yard. Smith has already passed six of ten, delivering one hundred yards. But Smith told his team’s site that there are no friends in Sunday’s game. “But when it comes down to Sunday, there are no friends on the field. We’re out there competing for our teams and that’s all there really is to it.”

Smith is coming off a loss to the Pats last week by three points. In that football game, Geno Smith passed fifteen of thirty-five, delivering two hundred yards. But Smith had no touchdown passes and three interceptions. For live score results today click HERE.

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