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Powerball Results: Winning Numbers September 18 Sold at Murphy USA

Powerball Results: Winning Numbers September 18 2013 Murphy lexington last night 9-18-2013 south carolina

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Powerball results for September 18, 2013 last night made someone very wealthy. What were the Powerball winning numbers for 9-18-13, where was the winning ticket sold, and who is the winner? A Murphy USA gas station in Lexington, North Carolina sold the single ticket with the Powerball winning numbers for 9-18-13, officials tell news. It remains unknown if the ticket was bought for a single person or for a pool of players. But there was only one golden ticket last night. The winning numbers last night were 7, 10, 22, 32, 35, Powerball: 19.

Powerball officials, and specifically North Carolina lottery officials, confirm to news that only one ticket was bought that had the winning numbers from last night’s draw. It was a historic evening, the fifth largest payout in Powerball history. But it could be several months until the winning ticket owner(s) come forward.

North Carolina, by law, allows the Powerball winner to remain anonymous. So we may never know his, her, or their names. The cash option from last night’s four hundred million dollar draw is about two hundred thirty-three million dollars before taxes.

Officials tell news last night’s Powerball broke several records. Not only was that the fifth largest payout in the game’s history nationally, it was the biggest win in South Carolina ever.

Officials further tell news that the Murphy USA station is located on a stretch of highway that serves a lot of interstate travelers. It remains unknown if the buyer is from South Carolina or was traveling through the state. But by state law, the ticket holder must return back to the state of South Carolina to claim their winnings. They can’t do it in another state.

Last night, South Carolina also sold a one million Match 5 wining ticket at another gas station. Powerball reps tell news that there were two Power Play two million dollar winners last night. They are from Florida and Pennsylvania. There were five other Match 5 one million dollar winners last night as well. Those tickets were sold in California, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, reps tell news.

If you didn’t win last night, don’t worry. There is a massive Mega Millions draw this Friday as that payout has ballooned. For live results Friday click HERE.

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