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NeNe Leakes Ring Carats Change, Don’t Blind Kandi Burruss: EXCLUSIVE

NeNe Leakes Ring Carats Change, Don't Blind Kandi Burruss: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – NeNe Leakes’ ring carats will keep changing tonight on “I Dream of NeNe”, LALATE can exclusively report. But the ring won’t be blinding Kandi Burruss anytime soon.

Ellen DeGeneres is the cause of the latest confusion over how big is NeNe Leakes’ ring, how much did NeNe’s ring cost, and how many carats is NeNe’s engagement ring versus her wedding ring. Last season during the RHOA reunion, fans watched as Andy Cohen appeared to set up a shade-moment, comparing NeNe’s purportedly million dollar custom ring with Kandi’s purportedly forty thousand dollar retail ring.

But tonight, Bravo will keep on changing the carats for NeNe’s ring, LALATE can report. NeNe will tell viewers on I Dream of NeNe tonight that her ring is fifteen carats, even though she has shown the same ring to Ellen and said it’s twenty-six carats. So how big is NeNe’s ring really?

The confusion stems from the addition apparently of a wedding band to the engagement ring. The engagement ring purportedly weighed in at 15.2-carat. NeNe then added to that a 10-carat diamond wedding band bringing the total to roughly sixteen carats.

“I’ve been with Greg since 1996,” NeNe said of her engagement ring previously. “We were married for 15 years and divorced for a year and a half and now we’re getting back together. You have to learn to work together as a team and communicate. Communication is definitely the key.”

After the RHOA 2013 reunion, viewers commented about Kandi’s reaction about NeNe’s ring. Was she jealous? “U can c Kandi’s envy when Andy says how big a bling u got. honey shine bright like a diamond”, one fan commented. Someone else wrote “Does Kandi want that ring Nene Leakes has on? LOL #RHOA”

Kandi is not jealous of NeNe’s ring, LALATE can report. Kandi has since told news “Before I take off let me say I am not jealous of no woman! Especially not any on my show. They have nothing I want or can’t get. #Fact”. NeNe (as you see in the picture above) now wears the 15 carat engagement ring on her right hand while also wearing the 10 carat wedding band on the left.

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