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Gregg Leakes First Wife’s 5 Kids Battled NeNe Leakes: EXCLUSIVE

Gregg Leakes First Wife's 5 Kids Battled NeNe in 2011: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Gregg Leakes’ first wife and his five kids from his initial marriage are the subject of I Dream of NeNe’s premiere tonight. But who is Gregg Leakes’ first wife, and who are his first five kids? LALATE can report that the conflict in tonight’s episode is very real and stems from 2011 news interviews. A least one of Gregg’s first kids from his prior marriage reached out to the news in fall of 2011 and had nothing good to say about NeNe as her divorce with Gregg was about to unfold, LALATE can report.

Tonight NeNe tell news that “I feel like his children have always been against me. They make me feel like I had something to do with Gregg and their mom breaking up.”

NeNe tells Gregg tonight that “you never did anything to bring us together. I don’t know if they are issues as to why he is keeping his kids separate. I don’t know why.” NeNe further adds that her son with Gregg has no relationship with Gregg’s sons from his prior marriage.

Gregg disagrees. “I feel for the hurt for what she feels. I don’t agree with her. I know the other side. She doesn’t.”

NeNe has every reason to ask Gregg to fix the issues between her and his sons. LALATE can report that, in 2011, RHOA fans were unsure if Gregg and NeNe were divorcing. But at least one of Gregg’s sons from his prior marriage was telling news reporters that divorce attorneys had been hired in advance of litigation.

One of Gregg’s sons at the time accused NeNe of allegedly fighting to get the Leakes home and move on without Gregg, while Gregg’s children were allegedly urging him to get $300,000 back from NeNe he claimed he used to launch her RHOA career.

So how did NeNe and Gregg meet? During that same interview, the son claimed that Gregg met NeNe shortly after his first divorce while she was dancing. The son further claimed that as Gregg and NeNe fell in love Greggs’ youngest kids were forced to go live with their mother.

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