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Powerball Winning Numbers: September 14 Results Tonight Reach $317M

Powerball Winning Numbers: September 14 Results Tonight Reach $317M

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Powerball winning numbers for September 14, 2013 results tonight reached three hundred seventeen million dollars. Powerball officials tell news that the current draw rolled over to Saturday after weeks of no one correctly selecting all the right numbers. But what are the Powerball winning numbers tonight for September 14, did someone pick all the numbers for 9/14, and if not what could happen to Powerball next week? Tonight, at a start time of 8 PM PST, the Powerball winning numbers for 9/14/13 will be announced to news.

This Saturday, Powerball winning numbers for September 14, 2013 ballooned along with the cash value Officials tell news that the cash value tonight alone is one hundred seventy-six million dollars before taxes. The latest draw expanded after no one become a jackpot winner on 9/11. But last week, a group of people became very rich.

Officials tell news that there were at least one million non jackpot winners this week that walked away with fourteen million dollars in total prizes. But the happiest of them arguably was the winner in Pennsylvania of the Power Play. That winning ticket was worth two million dollars. But there were other big winners. There were five Match 5 winners who became millionaires this week. They got their tickets in Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Nebraska and New York, lottery officials tell news.

Powerball reminds news that Power Play and Match 5 is making people very rich, while drawing less attention that the huge jackpot. “We tried to keep it a secret, but the word is getting out. The changes made to Powerball were not just to make the jackpot bigger.” In March they told news that “Last Wednesday, February 27, Powerball created its 500th Match 5 millionaire in the New Powerball game.”

Powerball officials told news today how big the prize got this week. In a news statement, they indicate that “The Wednesday, September 11th jackpot burst to an estimated $248.3 million and will be rolling to $317 Million for the next draw.” In related news, there was no big winner in Mega Millions last night. So Mega Millions is rolling over next week as well. UPDATE: The Powerball winning numbers have just been announced tonight. They are 1, 17, 25, 37, 44, Powerball: 20.

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