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Mayweather vs. Canelo Winner: Floyd Wins Boxing Fight Results Tonight

who won the Mayweather vs. Canelo Winner: Floyd Wins Boxing Fight Results Tonight live

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Who won the Mayweather fight tonight, who is the winner of Mayweather vs. Canelo, and what were Mayweather vs Canelo 2013 results tonight September 14, 2013? Floyd Mayweather won the Mayweather vs. Canelo boxing fight 2013 moments ago.  The fight went to the cards in the end. Mayweather vs. Canelo 2013 results were scored 116-112, 117-111, and 114-114 by CJ Ross.

Prior to Mayweather vs. Canelo 2013 results tonight, Floyd told news that conditioning is critical to his performance. Coming into tonight’s boxing fight, Mayweather repeated his assurances about his condition. He once said “It’s like when I get to the gym, I’m like, and ‘I got to go to the gym.’ So it take me awhile to get there. I’m always late to the boxing gym, but once I get there and I get going, I don’t want to stop.”

Mayweather has consistently told news that, only through training, does he recognize his skills and his impact on the sport. “I sat in the gym by myself and just looked around and just gave thanks to God because I’m like, man, everything started inside that ring right there and hitting one of these bags. To become a mega superstar and display your skills to the world is just a blessing.” He added “People in my neighborhood always told me that someday I would be the biggest and the best boxer to ever put on a pair of gloves. When you’re young, it just goes into one ear and out the other, but when reality actually sets in, I’m very, very thankful.”

Tonight’s Mayweather vs. Canelo 2013 fight was the second fight of a thirty month deal Mayweather announced to news in February. The latest boxing contract between Floyd and Showtime spans thirty months and up to six fights. If Mayweather fights all six bouts, he will get paid more than a $200 million advance by Showtime.

Mayweather kept much of the same promotions he used in May 2013. At the time, Mayweather teamed up with Oscar de La Hoya’s team at Golden Boy Promotions to bring in promotions through Corona and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Tonight’s fight aired not just on Showtime but also in movie theatres. As reported on LALATE several years, Floyd was arguably one of the first top boxers to get his fights into local theaters.

But in May 2013, Floyd expanded with a new distribution deal through NCM Fathom, getting the fight into an additional four hundred movie theatres throughout the U.S. And because Showtime is owned by CBS, the boxing deal has tied Mayweather to other CBS properties including the CBS Sports Radio network.

Mayweather is not expected to sell 2.5 million subscribers for PPV tonight, the record last set by Oscar de La Hoya and Floyd back in 2007. But as reported on LALATE over the years, and as confirmed by Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, Mayweather keeps ninety percent of all profits from each Showtime fight. For that reason, Mayweather continues to be the top earner in sports today. For more on tonight’s fight click HERE.

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