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Colorado Flooding Evacuation Orders Strike Boulder’s Jamestown, Longmont

Colorado Flooding Evacuation Orders Strike Boulder's Jamestown, Longmont

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Colorado flooding evacuation orders 2013 have been issued for Jamestown, sections of Boulder County, Longmont and namely the Southmoor Park neighborhood. But residents tell news that damaged roads are preventing evacuations in some areas.

First, the Town of Jamestown is on mandatory evacuation order, Boulder County officials tell news. Second Southmoor Park is on mandatory evacuation, the City of Longmont indicates to news. Third, the Big Thompson River Corridor is under evacuation, Larimer County Sheriff said today September 12, 2013.

And fourth, Commerce City is reporting mandatory evacuation orders for the area defined “on the north by 72nd Ave., on the south by 69th Ave., on the east by Holly St. and on the west by Highway 85″ along with the Shady Lane Mobile Home Park.

Several evacuation centers have been closed or moved. The North Boulder Recreation Center is closed. Residents are being evacuated to a new shelter at the YMCA of Boulder Valley on 2850 Mapleton Ave.

“Boulder County is experiencing a disaster today that is broad in scope and very dangerous in nature,” said Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle in a news statement this morning. “We know that we’ve lost lives. We anticipate that as the day goes on we may discover that we’ve lost others.” For continuing coverage click HERE.

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