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Jackie Chan Hasn’t Died 2013 as Fake Deaths, Injuries Strike QBs

Jackie Chan Hasn't Died 2013 as Fake Deaths, Injuries Strike QBs

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Jackie Chan is not dead 2013, and Tiger Woods has not died today either. But if you are Eddie Murphy, Lil Wayne, or Jackie Chan, fake deaths for 2013 are nothing new. Yet, the culprit behind claiming that Jackie Chan has died, and asserting that Adam Sandler has fallen to his death on a snowboard, is taking new aim this winter. The new target is not another Disney signer or rapper. This time it’s NFL football players, and mostly the league’s top quarterbacks.

Jackie Chan fake death 2013 stories are par for the course for culprit Mediafetcher. Mediafetcher otherwise known as Global Associated has been targeting actors, singers, and rappers for years with fake death stories. Like with Jackie Chan, they usually involve a crash, a slip, and fall, or strangely a snowboard. But while Tiger Woods has been listed among its victims, Mediafetcher rarely targeted sports celebrities, until now.

Today, while Jackie Chan hasn’t died, neither has Tom Brady been injured. This fall Global started moving away from fake death to fake injury reports.

Sports fans are always worried about ACL MCL injuries, and MRI test results, striking their favorite football players. So Global is now targeting professional football players with much the same stories. Since two broken legs could effectively be the end of a player’s career, the new fake stories have the same level of shock value as a fake Jackie Chan death story.

This fall 2013 NFL season, Mediafetcher is taking a new turn striking a series of professional football players. Currently Mediafetcher has at least three fake injury stories out there. One is for Tony Romo, one is for Peyton Manning, another is for Tom Brady.

Funny Eddie Murphy Pictures Set 1
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They all read the same, with slight modifications due to template settings. “A spokesperson for the Dallas highway safety authority (HSA) has confirmed that Tony Romo has broken both of his legs in a traffic altercation”, reads the fake Romo story. The fake Manning story reads “a spokesperson for the Denver highway safety”. The assertion is always the same. They start with a BMW and strangely a “76 year old female”. The fake stories read that the fake crash involved a “2012 BMW driven by Peyton Manning and a 76 year old female driver in a 2010 Audi”.

Funny Eddie Murphy Pictures Set 1
Eddie Murphy Photo 5
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Jackie Chan fake death reports have been online for years. And while it remains unclear why Jackie is the subject of so many attacks, the new trend of fake QB injury reports is troubling. But then, there are always those fake Tiger Woods stories as well.

One from Mediafetcher falsely claims “Pro golfer Tiger Woods was found unresponsive in his luxury vacation rental house near the Roko Ki golf resort in the Dominican Republic earlier today and later pronounced dead from what appears to be natural causes. Dominican Republic officials announced that a full investigation will be conducted as a routine procedure in accidental and natural deaths involving tourists.”

Jackie Chan isn’t died. Tony Romo hasn’t been an accident. And Eddie Murphy is very much alive.

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  1. Robin Pete

    September 30, 2013 at 8:34 am

    I’m happy that he didn’t die, what kinda horrible rumor people start. Sick jokes. Why is dead a joke to anybody, it’s not! Not funny.

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