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Uruguay vs. Colombia 2013 Score: Stuani Delivers Late Goal

Uruguay vs. Colombia 2013 Score: Stuani Delivers Late Goal en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Uruguay vs. Colombia 2013 (en vivo live score results below) remained scoreless through much of the game. But current score is 2-0 with minutes remaining in tonight’s Copa Mundial qualification soccer game.

Uruguay vs. Colombia 2013 is now at a 2-0 score at ninety minutes, officials tell news. The game went into halftime scoreless. Then Edinson Cavanni came back to score at seventy-seven minutes. Finally Christian Stuani scored at eight-one minutes.

The game could be a big win by Uruguay. Uruguay is seeking to move into the top four in the Conmebol. As reported on LALATE previously, only the top four teams in the division automatically advance to the Copa Mundial. Uruguay is currently in fifth position however. The fifth place teams heads into a wild card slot.

If Uruguay wins tonight, they could make a dramatic jump in the standings.  Meantime, Colombia is expected to remain near the top of the division. They are currently in second place with twenty-six points compared to Argentina’s first place with twenty-six as well.

Several games remain on both team’s schedules for next month as well. Earlier tonight, Bolivia vs. Ecuador ended in a draw. That game had a final score of 1-1 tonight. UPDATE: Uruguay has just won. Final score is 2-0.

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