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South Africa vs. Zimbabwe 2013 Prompts Soccer Friendly Today

 South Africa vs. Zimbabwe 2013 Prompts Soccer Friendly Today en vivo live score results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – South Africa vs. Zimbabwe 2013 (live score results below) prompts a soccer world friendly match today. The game is not a World Cup qualifier but only an international friendly battle.

South Africa vs. Zimbabwe 2013 (star time 11:30 am PST) features two teams coming off of contrasting recent performances. South Africa has three wins and two losses in their last five matches. But Zimbabwe has two wins, two losses and one draw in their last five soccer appearances, officials tells news.

South Africa just recently won a qualifier against Botswana this month. Earlier this year they impressed news as well. In a June qualifier they beat Central Africa. But later they fell to Ethiopia that same month.

South Africa is coming off a two game soccer winning streak. But as news analysts note, South Africa has failed to win more than two soccer games in a row since June.

Zimbabwe has been inconsistent this year. They fell to Egypt in March. After that they fell to Egypt and then to Guinea in two more soccer qualifiers. Just days ago, Zimbabwe pulled off a draw against Mozambique.

Zimbabwe’s highlight this summer was two consistent friendly wins. They beat Malawi and then Lesotho back in July. For live score results today click HERE.

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