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Mega Millions Winning Numbers September 10: Results Tonight Hit $100M

Mega Millions Winning Numbers September 10: Results Tonight Hit $100M

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Mega Millions winning numbers for September 10, 2013 tonight finally hit one hundred million dollars. Mega Millions hasn’t made much news in recent weeks with no one correctly selecting all the numbers. As a result, the Mega Millions winning numbers, to be announced at a 11 pm EST live tonight, could carry a massive seventy-one million dollar option. What are the Mega Millions winning numbers for 9/10/13, did anyone correctly select them, and if not, how big will Mega Millions grow to this weekend? The results are just hours away.

Mega Millions winning numbers have not produced a jackpot winner in weeks. But in advance of the Mega Millions winning numbers for September 10, 2013 tonight, officials remind news that other people are walking away very rich by getting at least some of the numbers right.

For example, the last draw featured five winners getting a half million dollars. Those winning tickets for the Match 5 were sold in “North Carolina(1), New Jersey(1), New York(1), South Carolina(1) and Texas(1)”, officials told news recent. There were also thirty ten thousand dollar winners who correctly selected four of the winning numbers.

Meantime, in a news release recently, Mega Millions’ lottery officials in Michigan revealed their newest millionaire: D. Zelasko., Officials told news that it’s important to stay with Mega Millions consistently, in their opinion.

“Zelasko, who also enjoys playing roulette at the casino, said he’s played the Lottery for years and prefers Mega Millions and Powerball. His largest previous prize was $10 or $20. And despite the big win, Zelasko said he will ‘absolutely’ continue to play the Lottery.”

Zelasko told news “You go with the streak, not against it! For the most part, it is entertainment,” Zelasko said in a news statement. “But sometimes you just get that gut feeling. I’d see the billboard and put myself in the mindset of ‘what would you do?’ ” UPDATE: The winning numbers tonight have just been announced to news. They are 2, 12, 18, 54, 56, Mega: 1, Megaplier: 3.

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