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Powerball Winning Numbers for September 11 Surge to $245M Wednesday

Powerball Winning Numbers for September 11 Surge to $245M Wednesday 9/11/2013

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Did anyone have the Powerball winning numbers last night, and what were the Powerball numbers for last night September 8, 2013? Someone could be very rich next Wednesday. Officials tell news today no one picked all the numbers from the Powerball 9/7/13 last night. So this Wednesday, Powerball is rolling over again, with the new winning numbers for September 11, 2013 worth two hundred forty-five million dollars.

Powerball winning numbers for September 8, 2013 last night made either three or four persons very rich. Officials tell news that one Illinois player won the Power Play two million dollar prize. Moreover, three people are winners in the Match 5 one million dollar prize. They are from Illinois, Michigan and New Mexico. And while there more than one million non jackpot winners last night earned twelve million dollars, no one selected all the winning numbers. Those numbers were 2, 19, 22, 26, 45, Powerball: 24.

Wednesday’s 9/11/2013 Powerball draw is now worth a whopping two hundred forty-five million dollars with a one hundred thirty-six million dollar cash value option. That is at least the current estimate, officials tell news.

And what happened with Mega Millions? As previously reported, Mega Millions had no big winner on Friday night either. So Mega Millions’ next drawing will be Tuesday September 10, 2013. That prize currently stands at an estimated one hundred six million dollars with a seventy-two million cash value.

Meantime, officials tell news this weekend that Douglas Trester from St Louis is a quarter-of-a-million dollars richer this month. He won the Mega Millions drawing on August 20. “I put the card in the scanner, and it popped up that I won,” Trester said in a news statement. “It was kind of surprising.” He quickly saw his parents. “I went out to see my folks. They were pretty excited.” For live number results on 9/11/13, click HERE.

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