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Arkansas Earthquake Today 2013 Hits Near Little Rock

Arkansas Earthquake Today 2013 Hits Near Little Rock

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – An Arkansas earthquake today 2013 has hit near Little Rock. The Arkansas earthquake today September 5, 2013 began in the afternoon hours, officials tell news. No injuries have been reported by local news.

USGS indicates to news that a 2.8 magnitude Arkansas earthquake began just after 4:57 pm local time today. The quake however had a shallow depth. USGS tells news that the quake started only three miles below ground level. As a result the quake had an impact neighboring communities.

Officials tell news that the Arkansas quake started thirteen miles south of Marshall. The quake was thirty-nine miles northeast of Russelville and forty miles southeast of Harrison. The quake also began forty-five miles from Mountain Home. Reps tell news that the epicenter was seventy-one miles from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Last year another quake struck north of Little Rock as well, analysts remind news. On August 19 last year, a moderate quake with almost the same depth hit the region. That quake was one mile east of Greenbrier. The quake was also roughly two hundred fifty miles south of St Louis. Officials told news at the time that the quake was five miles east of Wooster and six miles south of Twin Grovers. The quake erupted eleven miles northeast of Conway and thirty-five miles north of Little Rock.

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