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Powerball Winning Numbers September 4 Prompt Big Results Tonight

Powerball Winning Numbers September 4 Prompt Big Results Tonight 2013

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Powerball winning numbers for tonight September 4, 2013 could prompt big results for a lucky player. But it didn’t happen last Saturday when no one on August 31 correctly selected the five numbers and the Powerball. As result, the jackpot of one hundred forty-two million dollars grows to a stunning one hundred sixty-nine million tonight. But what are Powerball winning numbers for tonight September 4, 2013, did anyone correct select the right numbers last night, and what can fans expect for this weekend? Tonight’s winning numbers are 2, 9, 26, 45, 47, Powerball: 11.

With a start time of 11 pm EST tonight, officials during a live telecast will announce your Powerball winning numbers for September 4, 2013. This morning, Mega Millions officials confirmed to news that no one correctly selected all the numbers from the September 3 draw last night. As a result, the winning numbers for Mega Millions this September 6 will be worth nniety-five million dollars with a cash option of sixty-four million, reps tell news. In turn, tonight’s Powerball is worth one hundred sixty-nine million tonight with a cash option of just a bit over ninety-six million dollars as well.

Recently Mega Millions unveiled a map to revel where prizes are being won. Three of the biggest payouts in history are from California, officials report to news. The first was in 2005 and the last one was three years ago.

Moreover, in detailing to news where earnings are distributed, Mega Millions recently reported that “On average, thirty-five percent of all Mega Millions ticket sales support government services in the member state.” It added that ” Approximately fifty percent of every dollar [..spent] goes back to the players in prizes.” Moreover, roughly “fifteen percent goes back to retailer commissions and lottery operating costs.”

Officials tell news that there were eight hundred thousand winners of smaller takes from last weekend’s Powerball. But could there be a big winner tonight? For continuing coverage tonight click HERE.

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