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Mary Davis Beougher, Randy Travis Fiancée, Battles Ex

Mary Davis Beougher aka Mary Davis, Randy Travis Fiancée, Sues Ex

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mary Davis Beougher, aka Mary Davis, Randy Travis’ girlfriend and fiancée 2013, is suing her estranged husband. Also, Mary Davis (photos below) is allegedly also battling Travis’ ex wife, Lib Hatcher Travis, over an insurance policy as well.

Mary Davis Beougher in January file suit along with her 17 year old daughter Cavanaugh Beougher. The defendant is Ritchie Beougher, her then estranged husband. At the time, Travis’ attorney said that the singer came to Mary and her daughter’s defense. “As Mary and Randy were pulling out the school parking lot, Mary noticed Ritchie following them in her rearview mirror,” the suit claims. “Mary then saw Ritchie stop on the driveway where Cavanaugh and the other kids were parked. As a result, Mary and Randy turned their car around and drove to where all of them were stopped.”

In an email to the Dallas News, Travis’ attorney earlier this year applauded his client’s efforts. He alleged “Randy Travis stood up to the bullies in an effort to protect the two girls and was assaulted and victimized by the Defendants as a result of his heroic effort to save Mary and Cavanaugh from an unwarranted assault by Mary’s estranged husband and his employee and cohort who happens to be her brother. This is the legal vehicle that was chosen to right these wrongs.”

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Travis’ fiancee now goes by “Mary Davis”. She recently thanked others for their support as Travis’ health improves. “I know that those are prayers that have helped mend his heart along with the skilled hands of the physicians and doctors and nurses here at the Heart Hospital of Baylor in Plano,” she said recently. “His friends and family have all been touched by that. He is responding well to voices, and he sees and he understands. He’s miles beyond where any of us thought he would be a few days ago.”

Meantime, the National Enquire claims that there is an allegedly dispute over a $10 million insurance policy. The paper alleges the “point of contention is a $10 million insurance policy, insiders say. Travis originally named Lib as sole beneficiary. But he slashed her share to $2 million during their divorce, and sources say Mary may now be the sole beneficiary.”

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  1. Saddened Fan

    September 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    I am so sad to read this article about the people who are supposed to care the most for Randy fighting over his estate. I feel so sorry for his family especially his father. He has to be devastated over the tragedy of events that are taking place in his son’s life right now. I believe that there is one more miracle that God is saving just for Randy. My prayers are with you and your family Randy!!!

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