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Heather Dubrow Becomes Tamra’s OC Wedding Singer: EXCLUSIVE

Heather Dubrow Becomes Tamra's OC Wedding Singer: EXCLUSIVE

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Heather Dubrow will be the wedding singer in Tamra’s OC Wedding, LALATE exclusively revealed back in February. At the time, Tamra Barney told LALATE exclusively that she asked Heather to sing at her wedding, and Dubrow accepted. And while Bravo has several preview videos of Tamra’s OC Wedding posted online, don’t expect a Heather Dubrow singing video to be released just yet. Bravo viewers are being left with a surprise and encouraged not to be Tardy for this OC Party.

In February, LALATE spoke with Tamra before she started filming her spinoff. LALATE asked Barney “would you be comfortable filming your wedding for television?” Barney replied that she would be comfortable. “I don’t have a problem with filming my wedding. … I want to be true to myself.” Barney credits her appearance on RHOC in helping find true love with Eddie Judge and massive success with her new business CUT Fitness.

Tamra told LALATE exclusively that Heather Dubrow would be her wedding singer. When asked what genre Dubrow sings, Barney explained that viewers don’t know that Heather has performed in a lot of wedding, years ago. Dubrow ironically recently appeared in Malibu County, a sitcom about a country music singer who moves to California.

Tonight, Tamra asks Heather to be a bride’s maid. “This is the real wedding. The others were practice.” She tells Heather that the St Regis has come available. “St Regis, only problem is that they had a cancellation, and it is five weeks from now.”

But wasn’t the St Regis the same place where Tamra and Simon broke up in a previous RHOC finale? “I thrive on this. I love party planning”, Heather tells news. “Yeah but I’m not good at this”, Barney replies. “I am a little concerned by Tamra does not know what goes into the wedding. Five weeks is fast”, Dubrow adds. “I’m so shocked to be in Tamra’s wedding. I’m shocked. ”

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