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Joe Montana Not Dead 2013, Battles Fake Car Crash Death Story

Joe Montana Not Dead 2013, Battles Fake Car Crash Death Story

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Joe Montana is not dead. A fake Joe Montana RIP car crash death story is striking today. And the culprit is the same website that keeps on falsely reporting NFL players suffering broken legs. Joe Montana hasn’t died, Nelson Mandela isn’t dead, and neither is Miley Cyrus or Lil Wayne.

Joe Montana is the victim of another fake celerity death story today. When fake celebrity death stories began several years ago, they dominated entertainment news for sending fans into a web of confusion. The initial victims were Disney celebrities – Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Zac Efron. Over time, however, the fake death stories began to strike rappers. In recent years, most of the hoaxes have music, tv, and film celebrities. But now they are beginning to strike football celebrities just as we kick off the NFL 2013-2014 season.

Whether it’s a Disney star, or an NFL quarterback, the culprit is the same. The website Global Associated aka MediaFetcher has been crafting these false stories for years. Global takes preexisting templates which fabricated storylines. If it’s a death story, they usually involve a car crash, jet ski crash, and even falling off a cliff.

But in recent weeks, a new surge of fake celebrity stories have surfaced from Global. Those are the fake “broken legs” stories. Rather than die, the victims are falsely reported to have been in car crashes and broken both their legs. The victims are active NFL players.

Today, however, Global is back striking a former football player, this time with a fake death story. “Pro Football News, Joe Montana Dies In Single Vehicle Car Crash” reads the title of the false story from Global. “Pro football player Joe Montana is confirmed to have died in a single vehicle car accident. One other male passenger in the 2012 BMW driven by Joe Montana has been transported to a local California hospital and is reported to be in serious condition,” reads the fake story.

Global uses same fake sentences for their “broken legs” stories that it uses for their death stories. Last week, Tom Brady was falsely reported to have broken both his legs in a “2012 BMW driven by” him. And in some cases, the template doesn’t even make sense. In this case, Montana is not a current “Pro football player”, as Global states.

Joe Montana hasn’t died. Tom Brady hasn’t broken his legs. And Morgan Freeman is alive.

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