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Powerball Winning Numbers Tonight August 31 Prompt Big Draw Results

 Powerball Winning Numbers Tonight August 31 Prompt Big Draw Results

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Powerball winning numbers tonight August 31 prompted big draw results. The live results for tonight’s winning ticket were just announced. But did anyone have the winning ticket tonight, what were the Powerball winning numbers for August 31 2013, and what happens if no one picked the Powerball numbers for 8/31/13? Powerball consumers will have to wait to learn if anyone got all the numbers right for Saturday. But check your ticket. Officials tell news that the Powerball winning numbers tonight are 2, 7, 25, 40, 56, Powerball: 20.

The winning numbers tonight August 31, 2013 did not produce a record draw. But they did produce a sizable payout. Saturday’s results ended a week of celebrations by several Powerball winners.

First on Monday, Mario Scarnici, of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, claimed the remaining winning New Jersey ticket from the $448 million Powerball draw back on August 7. There were three winners that night. Two were from New Jersey. Mario told news that he bought his ticket at the Super Stop and Shop store. “I go in the store and buy a newspaper and lottery tickets”. He intends to share much of his winnings with his two sons. He will take home $62 million in cash.

The other winning ticket in New Jersey shocked news weeks earlier. Bought by a group dubbed the Ocean’s 16, many were Superstorm Sandy survivors.

Second, another winner got his confirmation this week, six years later. Robert Miles of Syracuse learned that he will get his $5 million in earnings that he was scammed out of back in 2006. His lawyer told news that Robert is “elated the lottery prize has finally been awarded to him.” For continuing coverage, click HERE.

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