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Powerball Winning Numbers August 31, 2013 Tonight Surge Results

Powerball Winning Numbers August 31, 2013 Tonight Surge Results

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Powerball winning for August 31, 2013 are prompting a surge in results. Tonight’s numbers won’t break any records. But if no one picks the winning numbers over the next week, we could soon be close to another record. What are the Powerball winning numbers for this evening, when is the Powerball draw, and did anyone have the wining numbers? Officials remind fans that the Powerball wining numbers will be announced live with a start time of 10:59 pm EST this evening. Thereafter, we will wait to hear if anyone correctly selected all the winning numbers. If no one got all the winning numbers this evening, Powerball will roll over.

Officials tell news that the Powerball winning for August 31, 2013 are worth $142 million. In terms of cash value, a winner tonight could walk away with $78.8 million dollars. Yet, more Powerball winners are earning near record sums since changes in the game in 2012. That has resulted in a dramatically different perception of the game overall.

Earlier this month, Tom Romero, CEO of the New Mexico Lottery and chairman of the Powerball Group, told news that you will see larger payouts more often because of changes in the game and also differing perceptions. Several years ago, consumers would get excited over a $100 million draw, Romero told news. “Then the threshold was $200 million. Now, we see here in New Mexico, we’re approaching the $300 million mark.”

How fast can a Powerball prize run-up in just one month? Earlier this month, Powerball revealed just how fast records can be earned. In just thirteen draws, Powerball grew from a one hundred thirty-one million to four hundred twenty-five million draw.

Fans should expect to see more records achieved, more often, in the next twelve months. Those predictions stem from two changes in the way the game operates now in 2013. This massive growth is all the result of, first, higher ticket prices and, second, more players from the addition of California.

UPDATE: Officials tell news that the Powerball winning numbers tonight are 2, 7, 25, 40, 56, Powerball: 20.

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