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Lynne Zappone, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Returns to Undercover Boss

Lynne Zappone, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Returns to Undercover Boss

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Lynne Zappone of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen returns to Undercover Boss tonight in reruns. Lynne Zappone is the CTO that dominated news back in April. As CBS ramps up for a new season, they are rerunning Zappone’s episode this evening.

Lynne Zappone was the first Chief Talent Officer to ink the role of Undercover Boss for CBS. In 2012, the network explained why Zappone accepted the gig. “The boss wants to go undercover to see how happy the frontline employees of the company are with their jobs. Lynne feels that happy employees lead to happy customers and ultimately, bigger profits.”

Lynne has since told news that doing Undercover Boss taught her how important it is to “create a safe space in the working environment where they can feel they have support.” She added “It made me feel like I am old…and slow. But it was a wonderful opportunity to understand the employee experience, and to get a sense of the great people working for us–they have such passion for the brand.”

She takes the roles of prep cook, shift manager, food packer and janitor tonight. At shift manager, Lynne “wants to see how well her employees are supported by head quarters so they can provide the best service possible to the customers. What will the boss do when she learns how a 27-year veteran of Popeye’s was treated by the company during a hard time?”

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