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Montana Fire Map 2013: Rock Creek, Gold Pan Eureka Fires Grow

Montana Fire Map 2013: Rock Creek, Gold Pan Eureka Fires Grow

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Montana Fire Map 2013 got updated today as several wildfires grew. The Rock Creek Fire, the Lolo Creek Fire, the Gold Pan Fire and the Eureka Fire were among the Montana wildfires that spread last night.

The Montana Fire Map 2013 today represents nearly a half dozen growing active fires. The Rock Creek Fire was updated to news today by Incident Commanders Shawn Pearson & Tom Kuntz. The fire is now at nine hundred acres and twenty percent containment. “Yesterday (8/23), the structure group continued patrolling for spot fires along U.S. Highway 212, and crews continued mop-up along the south flank of the fire. Hand and dozer lines were extended along the north flank”, officials told news.

Second, the Lolo Fire remains 8 miles west of Lolo, MT, Incident Commander Greg Poncin tells news. The fire is now at ten thousand acres and forty percent containment. “Aggressive suppression efforts will continue to focus on keeping the fire west of Sleeman Gulch and north of Highway 12. Crews will continue to construct direct line on the northeast flank of the fire to the Delta/Whiskey break”, officials report to news today.

Third, Incident Commander Doug Turman tells news that the Gold Pan fire still is burning thirty-five miles southwest of Conner, MT. The fire has burned thirty-five thousand acres. “Gold Pan fire behavior was active today on the NE edge with sustained crown runs and moderate range spotting. North of the Nez Perce Road, the fire spread at a slow rate”, officials indicated to news. For the latest fire updates for Montana and all respective fire maps click HERE. For continuing coverage, click HERE.

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