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Syria Chemical Gas Attack Photos Published by ITV Damascus

 Syria Chemical Gas Attack Photos Published by ITV Damascusl

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Syria chemical gas attack photos are being published now by ITV News. The disturbing Syria death photos reportedly are from Damascus. Syrian officials have yet to comments about the pictures.

The ITV News pictures depict a recent Syrian gas attack. The site claims that the pics as “the first independent pictures from the scene of the attack in eastern Damascus.” The news site further claims that the gas attack was launched via a rocket. The remains of rocket shell appears in one picture. News analysts are claiming that nearly one thousand persons have been killed overall.

ITV’s Middle East Correspondent Geraint Vincent obtained the pictures today. In them are pictures of even dead children allegedly gassed to death. In one picture, a family appears to have been sprinting away from the site, fleeing, as the gas was spreading.

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon is demanding a quick access to the site of the attack. A request for access to the site has been filed but not yet granted. The method of deploying the attack is in dispute, claims ITV. “There is some dispute as to whether the attack was caused by a nerve agent.”

Officials are urging access “without delay.” The official statement by officials today reads that “The Secretary-General believed that the incidents reported yesterday need to be investigated without delay. The Secretary-General now calls for the Mission, presently in Damascus, to be granted permission and access to swiftly investigate the incident which occurred on the morning of August 21.”

ITV claims that the time to chemical analyze the gas site is dwindling. “The chemical evidence of the attack will only remain for another 12 to 24 which means time to establish the facts of what happened and who is responsible, is running out, as Paul Davies reports.”

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