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Cowboys vs. Cardinals 2013: Feely Scores Field Goal in First Quarter

Cowboys vs. Cardinals 2013: Feely Scores Field Goal in First  quarter live score results

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Today’s Cowboys vs. Cardinals 2013 game (live score results below) is already at a 0-3 score. J. Feely delivered a twenty-five yard field goal today. It came after a six play drive that lasted three minutes and fifteen yards in the first quarter. Today’s game is currently at the top of the second quarter.

Previously, the Cowboys lost their Preseason 2013 week one game against the Raiders. Final score was 17-19. Romo went six for eight and had eighty-eight yards passing. Tanner led the Cowboys on rushing. He had twenty-five yards, however, on just seven carries. Meantime, Dunbar had twenty-one yards in that game with just three carries. Beasley delivered a touchdown pass for the Cowboys against the Raiders. He had three catches and forty-nine yards in that game. Bryant, however, had fifty-five yards and three receptions, news analysts note.

The Cardinals won their preseason opener against the Packers, final score 17-0. Stanton had eight completions on fourteen attempts with one touchdown pass and one hundred yards. Taylor had sixty-four yards for the Cardinals in that game over twenty carries. And Smith went twenty-one yards on twelve carries, officials remind news.

Meantime Brown had one touchdown reception on four receptions, producing forty-six yards. But Hawkins had ninety-two yards on four receptions. For live score results today click HERE.

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