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American Fire, Orleans Fire 2013: California Wildfire Map 2013 Spreads Today

American Fire, Orleans Fire 2013: California Wildfire Map 2013 Spreads Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The American Fire Map 2013 and the Orleans Fire Map 2013 expanded overnight as two of the most active California wildfires continued to burn. In the latest news update today, officials report new evacuation alerst and zones for the American Fire and the Orleans Fire.

The American Fire Map 2013 HERE now covers three thousand acres. Incident Commander Dana D’andrea reports that the fire is still five percent contained. It is burning near Deadwood Ridge, northeast of Foresthill. But officials assure residents and news that Foresthill is not threatened.

They are concerned about smoke however. “Smoke is affecting air quality in a wide area surrounding the fire area: the Highway 80 corridor, Lake Tahoe Basin, the Sacramento Valley, and the surrounding foothills.” They added that “Several counties have issued air quality advisories.”

Second, the Orleans Complex Fire HERE including the Butler Fire has prompted an evacuation advisory. Incident Commander Johnson reports that “At this time, an Evacuation Advisory has been issued for residents in Forks of Salmon. During an evacuation advisory residents should begin preparing for a potential evacuation order. Individuals requiring more time to evacuate should consider leaving now.”

The fire is currently at twenty-two percent containment and twelve thousand acres. Roughly one thousand firefighters are on scene, reps tell news.

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