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Who Won Food Network Star 2013 Last Night in Final Results?

Who Won Food Network Star 2013 Last Night in Final Results winner win

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Who won Food Network Star 2013 last night, who is the next Food Network Star winner for 2013, and did Rodney pull an upset? Damaris Phillips was named the Food Network Star 2013 last night. Her show Eat, Date, Love is set to debut later this year. But many viewers are vowing not to watch the show ever again. So what went wrong?

Before the announcement of won Food Network Star 2013, the hosts revealed their third place finisher. Early in the one hour telecast, fans were left to guess which of the three would be sent home, yet remain on set for the entire remainder of the show. Many contended that Rodney Henry was the most unlikely candidate to win this season. But nevertheless, Russell Jackson was revealed as the third place finisher.

Much of this season has been marked by awkward production. Fans have overwhelmingly expressed displeasure for the lack of quality contestants, the alleged favoritism in the show, the lack of cooking skills by certain remaining chefs, and dramatic changes in production this year.

But last night, it was much the same for the program. Slight pans of the camera frequently picked up eliminated contestants in the back row shaking their heads or smirking in disagreements about remarks by the top three finalists in the front. It was quite apparent that several of the eliminated contestants did not want to be seated on set for one hour. And after Russell was announced as nabbing third place, he had to remain on set as well, waiting to see if Damaris or Rodney would win.

Going into the finals, an overwhelming number of readers thought that Damaris would win and most viewers vowed a network boycott if Rodney was selected the winner. Yet there were other problems.

Overall many viewers found issue with the entire season’s production. “I will not be watching any future shows about the next Food Network Star as they did such a poor job in the selection of the contestants this time, i.e. The Pie Man Rodney Henry should NOT have been in the final three.”

And among the hosts, most viewers are urging the network not to invite Giada back. “I do not care for Giada at all”, said one of several viewers before and after last night’s telecast. Another added “Giada doesn’t have a clue”.

Others wondered if the network pushed all season for a Paula Deen replacement in Damaris. “I knew Demaris would be the winner as the Network needed a new southern cook to replace the firing of the greatest southern cook of all time….Paula Deen”. Another added “So now the lovely Paula Deen has been replaced with a younger version of what is suppose to be a “Sothern Cook?”……I don’t think so.”

For now, fans are very happy for Damaris Phillips. But they are bothered by this season’s production and the future of food programming with far too many shows features “wars” over cupcakes, donuts, cakes, and more.


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    September 22, 2013 at 1:39 am

    paula deen the best!!!!!!!’

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