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Mama Elsa Patton Stroke Prompts Marysol Patton Pain on RHOM

Mama Elsa Patton Stroke Prompts Marysol Patton Pain on RHOM

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Mama Elsa Patton stroke leaves Marysol Patton in tears in the RHOM season 3 premiere tonight. What happened to Mama Elsa Patton? In previous seasons fans have watched Mama Elsa faint. But tonight, fans learned that Elsa collapsed in her home and suffered a major stroke in March 2013.

Marysol Patton tells viewers tonight the horror of learning about her Elsa’s stroke. “At that moment, I knew my mom might die. And I never paid attention when she wanted to talk to me.” Marysol turns to Alexia Echevarria for guidance. In a quick decision Marysol opted for emergency surgery. Elsa would recover and has just recently returned home.

As reported previously on LALATE, Marysol indicated that Mama Elsa was the first to predict that RHOM would be picked up for a third season. Marysol later detailed her health regime to staying in shape. “I really don’t do anything extraordinary, I try to avoid dairy and stick to eating a high protein diet.”

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Mama Elsa’s Coffee is still doing well. LALATE asked in March “If those cameras for season three start rolling soon, how many cups of Havana Elsa coffee is that cameraman going to have to drink to keep up with these Housewives?” Marysol replied “It only takes a small amount of Havana Elsa coffee and a nanosecond to get that electrifying kick start that keeps you going even if you’re trying to keep up with The Real Miami Housewives.”

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