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Food Network Star Winner 2013 Damaris Phillips Wins Next Show

Food Network Star Winner 2013 Damaris Phillips Wins Next Show

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who is the Next Food Network Star 2013 winner 2013? The wait is over to learn who wins Food Network Star. Damaris Phillips was named next Food Network Star 2013 winner in live results tonight August 11, 2013. Damaris won over finalists Rodney Henry and Russell Jackson. Russell finished in third place earlier tonight. Damaris’ show to be produced by the cable channel will be called Eat, Date, Love.

The Next Food Network Star 2013 winner survived weeks of eliminations. Along the way were conflicting comments from viewers about the competition. Many viewers hoped tonight’s Next Food Network Star 2013 would not be Rodney, aka Pie Man.

One viewer commented “I’m not surprised that Stacy went home but I really thought that ‘Pie Man’ would go first. I’m a Damaris fan & think she would be a great asset to Food Network.” Another agreed. “Pie man … cant speak and cant cook” adding “he is no network star either. Shocked he continued on.”

Most fans before tonight’s telecast believed that Demaris would win. “I absolutely love Damaris. She is witty, a good cook, funny, and entertaining. Food Network needs her. Stacey was way too polished and too rehearsed.” Another agreed saying they were “delighted that Damaris did such a great job” this season, adding “I hope that she gets the vote out.”

But others were torn after seeing the pilots. “Rodney’s pilot was the most polished. That’s why he has my support. I like Damaris, but she was too shy with the camera and the show idea kind of fell flat.”


  1. Chris

    August 14, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Food Network gets it wrong for 3rd year in a row! This show is now officially irrelevant. Big Daddy, Arti Party, and now this. Viet, The BBQ Guy, and Russell would all make better shows that teach better food. Bobby and Alton, I am sorry but how can you be associated with these winners? The last 3 years’ winners are never on when most people watch, are never interesting, and never put forth new recipes that people love. Guy has been the only real success of this show and the best new personalities (Pioneer Woman) do not come from this show. Cancel it or do it right. What a joke. I’d watch Viet everyday, but Damaris will fade to nothing in 3 weeks, just like her past 3 predecessors have.

  2. Carol B.

    September 18, 2013 at 8:05 am

    We actually liked the show.. It was the first time we had seen one though I knew they were out there. Personlly, my hubby was a Damaris fan, I voted for her one (1) time then for Russell whom no one mentions here but think from a real peoples point of few and having cooked for buffett bars in my life and desert bars, he actually was the most daring, AND trainable. They all made their mistakes.. but here is a little suggestion. If you plan to do this again, use REAL people for the on-sight judges. NOT pro’s .. its not the pro’s watching the final shows as a rule but us real media watchers.. The food channel is on the tv here in my office all day. If I have clients in this is what they watch.. and I listen.. I use many of the ideas I see on these shows as I never went to cullinary school and like to cook good food. So get real folks for the judges on your next show. Let US deside what we think is good so those out in voter land get a down to earth idea.. we all know when something LOOKS good on a plate .. and how some things should taste.. good experience for all. Just saying

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