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Ryan Culberson Real Housewives OC: Fellow Marines Urge Reprimand

Ryan Culberson Real Housewives OC: Fellow Marines Want Reprimand

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Ryan of Real Housewives of OC, Ryan Culberson, is blaming Judy Stirling and Bravo editing for his conduct on the RHOC 2013 season finale. But now fellow Bravo viewers who are fellow U.S. Marines are urging that Bravo no longer feature Ryan in future RHOC seasons. They also urging USMC officials to formally reprimand Staff Sgt Culberson for his conduct on camera.

Ryan Culberson did not apologize for his conduct since Monday’s telecast aired. But many viewers have posted comments indicating that they too are part of the U.S. military and watched Monday’s RHOC telecast. The viewers unanimously expressed outrage in regards to Culberson’s conduct on screen. Yet, Culberson says he has not apologized to Stirling for his remarks. In fact, he says that his conduct was “justified”.

The RHOC season finale features Ryan Culberson, husband to Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana, returning from military training. Culberson returns to the multi-million dollar Gunvalson mansion. On screen, before the season finale party, Culberson describes his time on and off the base. Gunvalson, moreover, expresses her happiness to have scheduled the party in conjunction with Culberson’s return home.

Bravo microphoned Culberson throughout the entire Gunvalson party, and kept his microphone live for recording even when he was outside the range of the director’s cameras.
From that, Bravo viewers heard but did not see an exchange of words by Culberson to Judy Stirling. Once in front of cameras, Culberson continued his conduct to Stirling, Vicki and others.

Since that telecast aired, military members and Bravo viewers have posted their displeasure about Culberson’s remarks. Now, Culberson is responding. In statements to Military Times, Culberson says that, had editing been done differently, “it would be a lot more justified”. Ryan then blames Bravo. “I cannot get over how the producers edited it.” And Ryan blames Judy. “There was so much more”.

Based upon Monday’s episode, and now Culberson’s own reaction to the show, military viewers are urging Bravo not to bring Culberson back to RHOC. They are also urging that USMC officials reprimand Culberson for his conduct. Military Times identifies Culberson as a “Staff Sgt. … a joint terminal attack controller with 11th Marines, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., is currently deployed to Afghanistan on his fourth tour.” Ryan has been married to Briana for only one year.


  1. Josh Diddams

    August 12, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    I’m Capt Josh Diddams with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Ryan Culberson is not a member of the 11th MEU. I appreciate your concern; however, I recommend expressing your displeasure through another channel.

    Capt Diddams

  2. Shelly

    August 13, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    I was hoping Vicki’s brother was gonna take care of him, but no such luck. Everytime I see & hear what he said, it really makes me sick, and he may of been drinking, but he didnt sem drunk. That man was wanting to hit someone, you could see it in his eyes. SUPER DISGUSTING, TAKE HIM OFF THE SHOW.

  3. Erakah

    August 17, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    @Capt Diddams,
    If Ryan is not in the 11MEU, do you know where he is? This man needs to be punished for his actions. Someone must know where he is stationed. I think every person that thought this MArine was outta hand should write a letter to our USMC to make sure something gets done about him and his actions. I have watched these woman yell at each other, throw a drink, call each other names, but NEVER in the 8 years ive been watching have i ever seen so eone act out as Ryan has. It was not called for and it was rude to swear and scream at a woman like that PERIOD. Vicki is a strong woman who will yell in your face, but when Ryan to.d her not to hug Judy she reacted out of fear. I seen it as did millions of others. This has become on outrage and i for one am not go na let it go. Briana is also scared of this man. Her comments about him not being like her family told me exactly how frightened she is. No matter what the edit was and if it wasnt what we saw than how come his phone video has not been out to prove his name? That tells me that what we saw and read in his audio was the truth of the matter. He swore at her, lied about her, threatened to throw her out and called her a b***h. He also raised an elbow to Vickis brother and if there were no cameras there, there would of been physical violence. Take a look at the tape you will see for your self the rage in this Marine over a 64 year old woman putting her feet on a couch that he doent own anyway.

    With all do respect to you Capt. Diddams please understand that we the viewers have concern for Brianna and her son. This Marine needs help not another tour.
    Thank you

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