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Nate Fitch, Johnny Manziel Grow NCAA Investigation 2013 Further Today

Nate Fitch, Johnny Manziel Grow NCAA Investigation Further Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Nathan Fitch aka Nate Fitch, Johnny Manziel personal assistant, scandal is growing today as the NCAA investigation continues. Nate Fitch and Johnny Manziel traveled to meet two autograph brokers. And now, a second autograph broker is claiming, with the release of his “Johnny Manziel alleged proof photo”, that Nate Fitch allegedly demanded Manziel to be compensated for further autographs. Those Manziel autographed memorabilia items eventually ended up on eBay.

Since the Johnny Manziel NCAA investigation surfaced on Sunday August 4, 2013, his purported “personal assistant” according to ESPN has yet to comment about the matter. Nathan Fitch on Twitter has yet to post any tweets since Saturday. But now Nathan Fitch is the subject of yet a second scandal today.

On Sunday, ESPN claimed that Drew Tieman allegedly hosted a paid autograph signing at his apartment in Florida allegedly orchestrated by Nate Fitch and Johnny Manziel. As reported exclusively on LALATE, Drew Tieman has a criminal record and is currently on probation by Broward County officials.

Drew Tieman Pictures Set 1
Drew Tieman Photo 1
Drew Tieman Photo 2
Drew Tieman Photo 3
Drew Tieman Photo 4

On Monday, ESPN’s Joe Schad dealt more allegations against Nate Fitch and Johnny Manziel, coming from a second broker. Schad spoke to the second broker who claims that Nate Fitch “approached him last season to let him know that Manziel would no longer be signing autographs for him without compensation.” The broker described Nate Fitch as Johnny Manziel’s friend, personal assistant and alleged manager.

Fitch, Manziel Pictures Set 1
Fitch, Manziel Photo 1
Fitch, Manziel Photo 2
Fitch, Manziel Photo 3
Fitch, Manziel Photo 4

The allegations against Nate Fitch didn’t end there. Schad claims that “Fitch, according to the broker, also said he could provide other current standout college football players for autograph sessions in which the players would need to be paid.” The above insert photo was taken by the second broker of Manziel signing photographs.

Schad claims that college memorabilia is worth a lot of money. Six helmets signed by Manziel and John David Crow have pulled eighty-one thousand dollars. And just the “honor” to sit at a table with Manziel has been auctioned off at $20,000. For continuing coverage, click HERE.

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