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AzMarie Livingston: ANTM Star Silent about Raven-Symoné Announcement

AzMarie Livingston ANTM Star Silent about Raven-Symoné Announcement

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – AzMarie Livingston, the former ANTM star, remained silent about Raven-Symoné over the weekend. AzMarie Livingston aka AzMarie (photos below) did however thank fans for their support. On Friday, Raven-Symone told news that she is not marrying AzMarie Livingston or anyone else anytime soon.

AzMarie Livingston received praised from ANTM fans over the weekend despite remaining ostensibly silent about the matter. When the initial AzMarie Livingston Raven-Symoné dating story broke in 2012, the model posted a series of suggestive tweets. But she still remained silent about the news report.

On Friday, Raven implied to news that she is a lesbian and is excited about getting married one day. AzMarie again remained silent but posted a series of tweets suggesting that she was aware of the national attention she was getting. At the time of Raven’s statement, AzMarie was dominating Twitter activity. One fan sent a tweet to her thanking her for her inspiration. “You are amazing and a role model for thousands of people”.

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AzMarie replied “Thanks Luv” while also providing a message of motivation. “[Y]our can do the same”. Also over the weekend, the model tweeted “Let no one deter you from your goals or discourage you off your path, not even yourself.” She also shared a quotation by Abe Lincoln “Drop Beats Not Bombs”.

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In 2010, Raven was accused by one perpetually false urban blog of sending pictures to a lady friend. Raven told news at the time “You know what happens with rumors like that? my MOM calls me @6am … About something that’s not true… People. I did not send that to any lady friend. I actually have clothes on. For those who saw my last twitter pix profile, u will recognize it as [another] false claim by media….”

She also denied reports of being a relationship. “MOM, supporters, media: those are not [… unclothed] pictures, and I’m not in a relationship with a girl”.

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Two years later, in summer 2012, Raven and AzMarie were reported dating by the National Enquirer. “My … orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life”, Raven said this time.

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