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Food Network Star Winner 2013 Battles Spoilers, Results Predictions

who wins Food Network Star Winner 2013 Battles Spoilers, Results Predictions winner online

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins the next Food Network Star 2013, is Stacey Poon-Kinney your Food Network Star winner for season 9, what do results predictions indicate about pie man Rodney Henry, and are there any reliable Food Network Star spoilers online? The next Food Network Star 2013 winner will be announced during live results on August 11, 2013. Tonight’s telecast starts with four contestants, one being sent home early, and three pilots being shot. But is the pie man about to crumble?

First, there are no reliable Food Network Star 2013 spoilers online this season. There were leaks about Star Salvation. One cable provider was airing the Star Salvation episodes before the program’s full episodes aired, revealing who got eliminated week to week before the actual telecast air date. As one fan wrote at the time “I was shocked that Food Network would allow such a spoiler. Kind of ruins the show tonight since you know the result”.

Second, Food Network Star predictions suggest that Rodney Henry aka pie man won’t win this season. Viewers were outraged last weekend that pie man was not sent home and moved forward into the top four. As one fan wrote “What a joke that the ‘pie guy’, who hasn’t cooked good food the whole season, nor can he speak in understandable language remains in this food competition.” On tonight’s episode pie man says “pas-tile isa sweepin da nation”.

Many fans think the judges are too slanted this seasons. “Giada loves the pie guy even though he speaks a foreign language” wrote one fan. “If the pie guy doesn’t go home next, then I will have to conclude that the show is rigged. Send him and Giada home together.”

Finally, who is the predicted winner? Many fans think that the judges clearly want Stacey Poon-Kinney to become the Food Network Star 2013 winner with the “culinary sins” judge Russell Jackson getting second place. For more click HERE.


  1. Jeff

    August 11, 2013 at 7:11 am

    Roney’s pilot was the most polished. That’s why he has my support. I like Damaris, but she was too shy with the camera and the show idea kind of fell flat. Russel doesn’t make my kind of food so he lost me there.

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