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Karent Sierra Leaves Real Housewives of Miami, Rodolfo Jimenez

Karent Sierra Leaves Real Housewives of Miami, Rodolfo Jimenez

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What happened to Karent Sierra on Real Housewives of Miami, did Karent breakup with Rodolfo Jimenez, and why is Karent not returning to RHOM? When Real Housewives of Miami season three debuts within days, fans will be left a void and an unexplained exit about Karent Sierra.

Karent Sierra is not returning Real Housewives of Miami for its third season. Today Bravo is replaying previous RHOM episodes in which the major storyline was Karent Sierra’s alleged fake relationship with Rodolfo Jimenez, his alleged cheating pictures in TV Notas, and life after Bimini. Rodolfo Jimenez appeared in TV Notas with another woman at the time he claimed to be dating Karent in season two.  Rodolfo was off allegedly dating someone else (Ana Belena), and posing for pictures kissing her while appearing as Karent’s boyfriend on screen.

Karent eventually broke up with Rodolfo. And then she was purportedly not invited back to RHOM. Ironically, Alexia who was accused of ambushing Karent about Rodolfo is back this season, now as a full housewife like season one.

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Joanna Krupa claimed that Alexia Echevarria was seeking to ambush Karent in season two. Krupa claimed that Alexia had nothing by bad intentions toward Karent. Joanna also accused Alexia Echevarria and husband Herman Echevarria of having a fake marriage. “She shouldn’t even bother with Karent and Rodolfo, since it’s obvious that Karent doesn’t care what she has to say, but her obsession makes her keep talking about it. It was extremely obvious that Alexia was happy to show Karent the article about Rodolfo with some other woman. “

It remains unclear why Karent is really not returning to Bravo. Bravo typically wants women to defend themselves vigorously on camera. Last season, Lea Black said Karent wasn’t doing that.

TVNotas wrote at the time of Rodolfo ”Belena Ana (24 years) gave a very loving and full kiss with the driver Rodolfo Jimenez (39). We chatted with the actress confessed that a month goes to actor and model” said the publication. Ana claimed at the time that she met Rodolfo on ¡Buenas noches, América!’ “Belena Ana confided that what she likes most is that Rudolph is a gentleman and that is super good. Yet are dating but are getting to know. ‘I’ve been in long relationships, when you walk into one, I promise seriously,’ he stressed.”

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