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Adam Sandler Fake Snowboarding Death Story Returns, Actor Not Dead

 Adam Sandler Fake Snowboarding Death Story Returns, Actor Not Dead 2013

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – An Adam Sandler fake snowboarding accident death story has returned today. But Adam Sandler is not dead this July 2013. Sandler has not been in a snowboarding accident, he has not crashed on a snowboard, he hasn’t been skiing in Switzerland, and he did not die in Zermatt.

Each time a new Adam Sandler movie is released, old Adam Sandler death reports resurface. This weekend is no different. A fake Adam Sandler death report surfaced online in 2011 when Sandler’s then latest film Jack and Jill hit movie theatres. That same report surface online last year as Sandler’s film That’s My Boy hits malls in June 2012. The week, Sandler is back in movie theatres, and his death stories are back online.

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For Sandler, the latest fabricated claim is, yet again, a snowboarding accident, from Global Associated aka Mediafetcher. For years, Global has been falsely confusing fans with their claim that “The actor & novice snowboarder was vacationing at the Zermatt ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland with family and friends. Witnesses indicate that Adam Sandler lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed.”

In March 2011 Sandler was falsely reported dead from a snowboarding accident in Zermatt. That same month, Jim Carrey suffered the same fake fate. The year before, it was Russell Crowe.

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The location of the fake death stories (involving snow) are always Zermatt or the mysterious “Kitzbühel, Austria, in the Hahnenkamm mountain between Hahnenkamm (5616 ft., 1712 m) and Kitzbühler Horn (6548 ft., 1996 m)”. The cause of the fake snow death is either skiing or snowboarding.

Sandler is not dead, he wasn’t snowboarding in Zermatt. Despite now multiple years of fake train, plane, car, ski, and snowboarding accident, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas aren’t dead either.

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