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Sydney Leathers Anthony Weiner Woman, TheDirty Disputed By Huma Abedin

Sydney Leathers Anthony Weiner Woman, TheDirty Disputed By Huma Abedin photos mistress

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Sydney Leathers Anthony Weiner relationship and timeline was disputed by Huma Abedin yesterday. Anthony Weiner’s woman Sydney Leathers aka Sydney Elaine Leathers or sidneyelainexohas (photos below) says that she was the love of Weiner’s life for much of 2012. But Huma Abedin tells news that this is all old matter. She and Weiner disputed Sydney Leathers’ timeline in a news statement late yesterday.

Sydney Leathers wasn’t Anthony Weiner mistress. She does not claim to have had relations with Weiner. But she does claim that the two were involved in an elongated online-relationship that ended with the two deeply in love. He was promising her a place to live and a political job. She was dedicating her heart. Weiner late yesterday said that the pictures online are of him, and that the text messages were sent by him. But beyond that, he and wife Huma Abedin said that the timeline being pursued by website is false.

Huma Abedin did not seem surprised by Sydney Leathers’ allegations, assuring news that there were many more women involved in the original scandal with her husband. But she asserts that the timeline is all wrong.

But who is Sydney Leathers? She has presented a conflicting persona. She released texts and photos of Weiner stating negative things about him this week. But months earlier, she was his biggest supporter. She is 23-year-old blogger for the Indiana Progressive Liberals. Leathers graduated from Mt Carmel High School in Mt. Carmel, Illinois in 2008. She worked on the Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 senatorial campaign. She was a field organizer for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Sydney Leathers Pictures Set 1
Sydney Leathers Photo 1
Sydney Leathers Photo 2
Sydney Leathers Photo 3
Sydney Leathers Photo 4

This week, she had nothing but bad statements to say about Weiner. But in 2012, she called him a hero listing him along with Bernie Sanders, Keith Olbermann, Alan Grayson, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and Charlie Sheen.

Sydney Leathers Pictures Set 2
Sydney Leathers Photo 5
Sydney Leathers Photo 6
Sydney Leathers Photo 7
Sydney Leathers Photo 8

So why did Leathers support Weiner during his first scandal and then cause a second scandal this week? That remains unclear. She previously said of Weiner that he “did not do anything worthy of resignation” and “Rep Weiner can continue sending … pics every single day for the rest of his life as long as he continues to legislate like he does. I decided.”

Sydney Leathers Pictures Set 3
Sydney Leathers Photo 9
Sydney Leathers Photo 10
Sydney Leathers Photo 11
Sydney Leathers Photo 12

On Facebook she would regularly post anti-Conservative statements. On her Facebook account in August 2011 she wrote about several conservatives. Of Ann Coulter, she wrote “Listening to Ann Coulter try to disprove evolution is like listening to a str–er prove she had a loving relationship with her father.” Of Michele Bachmann, she wrote “Who will we make fun of now?! Oh yeah, the rest of the right wing nut-jobs in Congress.”

Sydney Leathers Pictures Set 4
Sydney Leathers Photo 13
Sydney Leathers Photo 14
Sydney Leathers Photo 15
Sydney Leathers Photo 16

But Huma says that it is Leathers who is misguided, disputing her timeline. While not referring to Leathers by name, Weiner’s wife said this scandal is lumped into the old scandals and being pushed with a wrong timeline this week. “It took a lot of work and whole lot of therapy to get to a place where I could forgive Anthony.” She added “It was not an easy choice in any way but I made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage.”

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