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Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Wins the Bachelorette 2013, Brooks or Chris?

 Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Wins the Bachelorette 2013, Brooks or Chris winner desiree pick

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelorette spoilers from RealitySteve had claimed that fans would be asking who wins the Bachelorette after tonight’s episode purportedly in Antigua. Rather, tonight’s July 22, 2013 Bachelorette telecast will be the Men Tell All episode. But what happened to Brian Jarosinski, where is Brian, and why did Brian not participate in the Men Tell All Episode? The Bachelorette winner, Brooks Forester, will be in attendance. Also in attendance will be Chris. But after next week’s episode, fans watch as Drew Kenney is eliminated and we are down to the final two: Brooks and Chris.

Fans’ curiosity level with who wins the Bachelorette has been far lower than in previous seasons. It’s been no secret that Desiree has drawn poor ratings this season. Most news analysts blame not her specifically but also the cast of men for the Bachelorette 2013 season. Fans have called the season boring, lacking conflict, and generally not as entertaining. In fact, LALATE readers have this season shown more interest in updates about Sean and Catherine than details about Desiree and Brooks.

Tonight, a potentially dramatic confrontation reportedly won’t be happening. Brian Jarosinski is purportedly not taking part in tonight’s Men tell All Episode. Desiree has tried to pump up the drama about his absence. Just days ago she wrote “I just learned that Brian is too scared to show his face at The Men Tell All, but that is probably for the better. I definitely don’t want to waste any time on a guy who showed up with a girlfriend.” She added “That is not the type of guy I was ever looking for, nor is he someone that any self-respecting woman in America should be with.”

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Was Brian too scared to show his face? And while did Desiree call him not the type of man for a “self respective woman”? The particular choice of words prompted a swift denial this week. A source “close” to Brian tells WetPaint that he offered to film the episode out of order, or via link, but couldn’t do it on set. “Brian has a job, a serious finance job, with clients and responsibilities in Maryland. He wanted to go to ‘Men Tell All’ to tell his side of things, but he couldn’t get away,” the source told WetPaint.

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So why is Desiree so upset with Brian’s absence, or is this just a dramatic twist being inserted to otherwise boring season? The source further tells news “He told ABC that he couldn’t be there because of his clients, and that he couldn’t get away. He emailed them in advance. He even said he’d call in if they wanted, or film something for them at a studio in Maryland.” The source added. “They were pissed. They probably wanted him there for the ratings, but there was nothing Brian could do about it conflicting with his schedule. And they weren’t willing to compromise.”

Next week, viewers get to see the final two, Brooks and Chris. And in the end, Desiree picks Brooks as her winner. The two are still together and engaged, so claim spoilers.

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