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Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 Copa Oro Soccer Prompts Live MD Results

Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 Copa Oro Soccer Prompts Live MD Results en vivo live score results today schedule standings rankings

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 Copa Oro (en vivo live score results below) prompts live results from Maryland tonight. The soccer game is the last of the quarterfinals matches in the Gold Cup standings. Current Gold Cup rankings has only two teams in the semifinals so far: Mexico and Panama. That will be changed this evening.

Honduras vs. Costa Rica 2013 (start time 4 pm PST) features two teams with comparable standings. Of all the Copa Oro quarterfinals games, these two teams are the closest paired. Both teams won two of their three Copa Oro group games, while loosing their third match. Honduras beat Haiti and El Salvador while loosing to Trinidad and Tobago. Costa Rico beat Cuba and Belize but lost to USA, officials remind news.

Both teams have been able to hold their competitors scoreless as well. Of their three games, both had two matches where they held the opponent scoreless throughout. Costa Rica finished in second place in Group C with six points. Honduras in turn finished in first place in Group B with the same number of points.

In their last five matches, Honduras has delivered three wins, two losses and no draws. Costa Rica, however, has produced one draw, one loss and three wins. The winner of today’s game will face either USA or El Salvador. For live score results tonight click HERE.

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