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Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman A&E Lawsuit Resolved: EXCLUSIVE

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman A&E Lawsuit Resolved: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Dog the Bounty Hunter and A&E? The legal dispute between Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman, Beth Chapman (real name Alice Barmore-Smith Chapman), A&E, and their former production company was resolved just days ago. And in the end, A&E retained $350,000 of a $2 million amount in dispute, LALATE can exclusively reveal.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman just recently resolved multiple disputes between them, A&E, and their former production company. For over a year, fans have wondered why Dog the Bounty Hunter ended its run on A&E. That remains still unanswered today. But documents obtained exclusively by LALATE today reveal that a major dispute involving A&E since 2007 was only resolved just days ago.

A&E claimed that in “March 23, 2007, Dog and Beth Chapman commenced an administrative proceeding” against the production company for the A&E show “before the California Labor Commission”. A&E asserted that the Chapman claimed that the production company allegedly “had violate the California Talent Agencies Act… acting [allegedly] as unlicensed talent agents and unlawfully collecting ‘producer’ fees in connection with the Program.”

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A&E further claimed that in June 2007 that they got a letter from the Chapmans stating that they were demanding no further sums of moment to be paid to the producers in connection with the A&E series. The Chapmans allegedly told A&E “We intend to hold you fully responsible for damages resulting to our clients from any future payments to these entities.”

The producers then in turn allegedly demanded A&E to pay them their producing fees when they came due. Thereafter, one lawsuit began in New York. The production company sued A&E seeking payment of their producing moneys. Then a second matter was filed in California by A&E against the producers. A&E sought the “right to deposit the Assets”, namely the unpaid producing fees “into the registry of the Court and a discharge from liability”.

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How much money was at stake? A&E asserted by November 2010 that there was “in excess of $2 million” owed to either the Chapmans or the producers. The dispute over the millions of dollars was set for trial on June 17, 2013. Just days before trial, A&E, Duane Chapman, Beth Chapman and the producers settled the dispute. But more remain questions remained unanswered.

Who got all the money? LALATE has exclusively obtained the 16 page settlement agreement, which was filed on June 13, 2013. First, the Court found that $350,000 of the $2 million actually belongs to A&E and would be returned to the network. “The Court….determined claims to the amount allegedly overpaid by Plaintiffs into the Court’s registry”.  Second, the settlement agreement found that “the remaining balance … shall be remitted to a joint trust account” in the name of the Chapmans’ and the production company’s attorneys. Finally A&E also paid $25,000 to the production company and represented that the sum is “not for attorneys fees and costs”. For other disputes involving Duane Lee and Leland revealed this weekend too, click HERE.

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