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Panama vs. Cuba 2013 Copa Oro: Gold Cup Soccer Prompts Georgia Game Today

Panama vs. Cuba 2013 Copa Oro: Gold Cup Soccer Prompts Georgia Game Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Panama vs. Cuba 2013 Copa Oro (en vivo live score results below) prompts a Georgia Gold Cup futbol match today. This Panama vs. Cuba soccer game today July 20, 2013 kicks off before a packed crowd in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Panama vs. Cuba (start time 12:30 pm PST) is a one-game match for the Gold Cup quarterfinals. Panama has won two of three Copa Oro games so far. Cuba, however, has lost two of three games, officials remind news.

Cuba knows coming into this game that Panama is the projected winner. But Cuba has had some great moments in soccer, just not this year. The team won four consecutive matches in fall of last year. It hasn’t played many games this year, however. Cuba’s first game was its Copa opener against Costa Rica, which it lost in a 3-0 final score. It lost its next game, against USA, 4-0. But Cuba know how to score. It delivered four goals against Belize in its win just days ago.

Panama, however, has been inconsistent. It lost two World Cup qualities in June but then won two Copa Oro games just weeks later. Panama finished first in Group A. The team had two wins, one draw and seven points. Cuba qualified to today’s game with a wild card slot. The team finished in third place in Group C with one win, no draws and two losses, producing three pints. For live score results today, click HERE. For other Copa Oro results, standings, and schedule click HERE.

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