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Mountain Center Fire Map 2013: Riverside Fire Reaches 25% Containment

 Mountain Center Fire Map 2013: Riverside Fire Reaches 25% Containment

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Mountain Center Fire Map 2013 situation improved today as the blaze reached a twenty-five percent containment. Officials battling the fire in Mountain Center indicate that the full containment will be reached by next Friday, however.

The Mountain Center Fire Map 2013 did not make the possible sizable advance that officials warned residents of on Friday evening. In their latest news update today July 20, 2013, they indicate the fire just increased a few thousand acres. But the effort of roughly three thousand fire fighters brought the blaze to a twenty-five percent containment, a dramatic improvement from its ten percent containment on Thursday.

New damage assessment numbers were released to news today. Additional outbuildings and vehicles have been found damaged. “In n addition to the above residences, there were a total of 11 outbuildings and 4-6 vehicles destroyed”, reps indicated in a statement today. “It is important to note that while homes and buildings were destroyed or damaged, firefighters were able to defend and save a larger number of homes.” Six structures were lost in Bonita Vista as well. Four structures, non residences, were lost in Pine Springs. But no damage is being reported in Zen Mountain Center.

Improved weather conditions helped fire firefighters overnight. “Communities to the south and southeast remain undamaged by fire activity.” Evacuation centers still remain open at Hemet High School, Hamilton High School, and Beaumont High School today. For the latest updates and fire map, click HERE. For a second larger fire map, click HERE. And for continuing coverage of the Mountain Fire throughout today, click HERE.

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