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Idaho Fire Map 2013: Ridge Fire Expands North of Lowman

Idaho Fire Map 2013: Ridge Fire Expands North of Lowman

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Idaho Fire Map 2013 for the Ridge Fire expanded north of Lowman today. The Ride Fire is being battled by the Boise National Forest Unit. In their latest news update, they indicate this morning that the fire still remains under five hundred acres.

The Idaho Fire Map expanded as the Lowman neighboring blaze reached four hundred sixteen acres today. The fire is being fought by seventy-two personnel. But officials indicate to news that a Type 2 Incident Team will take over management of the fire tomorrow.

In their latest news update today July 18, 2013, official report that the fire is still fifteen miles north of Lowman. The fire is remote and poses no threat to structures nor need for evacuations. In a news briefing Thursday, reps state “A Type 2 Great Basin Incident Management Team will assume management Friday morning.” They added that “The team will be able to logistically support a large fire fighting force and will develop plans for containment based on terrain, fuel breaks, and fire fighter safety. The fire has the potential to crown, run and move quickly in this remote country. ”

The fire has been fought primarily by air tankers and helicopters with water buckets. For the latest fire map and updates click HERE

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