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Gold Cup 2013 Schedule: Copa Oro Mexico vs. USA Finals Expected, EXCLUSIVE

Gold Cup 2013 Schedule: Copa Oro Mexico vs. USA Finals Expected, EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (EXCLUSIVE) – The Gold Cup 2013 schedule for the quarterfinals was released last night. But as the Copa Oro 2013 schedule of quarterfinals games kick off this weekend, LALATE can report that one game will be on many fan’s minds: Mexico vs. USA.

Based upon the Gold Cup 2013 brackets, soccer fans on July 28 could possibly see the most desired game of the tournament: a Mexico vs. USA rematch in the finals. If both nations win their quarterfinals and semifinals matches, they would face off in the finals. It would a rematch of the 2011 USA vs. Mexico Copa Oro game here in Los Angeles which became one of the most talked about soccer games of summer ’11.

The USA vs. Mexico 2011 Copa Oro final game started close on scoring. The game had reached a tied 2-2 score by the first half. USA had delivered two early goals to put the team up 2-0 in the first half. After Bradley and Donovan scored, Guardado and Barrera came back with goals to tie up the match by thirty-six minutes. At halftime, fans didn’t know what to expect. But in the second half, Mexico exploded. Barrera scored again at fifty minutes. And then dos Santos delivered a stunning goal at seventy-six minutes to give Mexico the win before nearly 100,000 fans at the Rose Bowl.

On July 28 at Soldier Field, a Mexico vs. USA Gold Cup finals game could happen. Mexico first faces Trinidad and Tobago this weekend. Trinidad is not expected to be a strong competitor. USA is expected to win their El Salvador game this weekend as well. If Mexico defeats Trinidad in the quarterfinals, they will face the winner of Panama vs. Cuba, which is likely to be Panama. If USA beats El Salvador, they will face the winner of Honduras vs. Costa Rica in the semifinals.

Quarterfinals games are played this Saturday and Sunday. Semifinals are played from Cowboys Stadium on July 24. And if results are as expected, a Mexico vs. USA Gold Cup 2013 finals may happen on July 28 from Soldier Field. For live score results this weekend click HERE.

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  1. juice

    July 18, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    lol @ trinidad is not expected to be strong competitor…..seems like yall dont know trinidad defeated mexico couple times before…..but say what the underdogs goin to rule

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