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Sean Lowe and Catherine Still Together, She Admits Obsession with The Bachelor

Sean Lowe and Catherine Still Together, Admits Obsession with The Bachelorl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Sean Lowe and Catherine are still together. But now Catherine Giudici admits to news that she is obsessed with her Bachelor. As fans wonder if Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are still together dating this 2013, Catherine admits her hilarious frustration with Sean this week. She says sarcastically that she is a bit too obsessed with her Bachelor and can’t wait to get married.

Bachelor producers admit to news that they are not pushing Sean Lowe and Catherine on choosing a wedding date. In fact, the couple are taking the time off away from the cameras, while staying in touch with fans through social media. That time away has helped them get even closer.

Last week, LALATE reported that a Sean Lowe and Catherine wedding is unlikely for 2013 but possible for 2014. The couple have no wedding date. Once they do, production schedules will be built around the date. This week, Chris Harrison also tell news that no date has been set.

First, Catherine sarcastically told news this week “I don’t think I’m the only one that has an unhealthy obsession with this hunk.” But Catherine is working through it. She is keeping a vigorous workout routine. “Gym four days in a row. I’d pat myself on the back if I wasn’t so sore”, she tweeted this month.

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Sean has told news that the couple will marry in an ABC TV special to be filmed in Los Angeles. He admits that once the wedding date is set it will be kept a secret from the public because of production concerns.

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But recently, friends and insiders have verified that Sean and Catherine simply just don’t have a wedding date yet. Among them is Chris Harrison. He tells HollywoodLife this month “If and when they set a date — you know there is a lot of logistics, like if they do it on TV etc. They have kinda stuck to their guns; there is a lot of pressure.” Harrison also told news “They were on the show, then Sean did Dancing With The Stars… I know they want to pick a date and all that, but soon as they do that date is out there and there is a timeline on, so I’m kinda glad they are doing it their own way. When there is a date, they will do it on air.”

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