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Mexico Copa Oro 2013 Soccer Game Today: Score Results Advances Team

 Mexico Copa Oro 2013 Soccer Game Today: Score Results Advances Team

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What was the Mexico Copa Oro 2013 score Sunday, what happened in the Mexico soccer game today, and what were the final Mexico vs. Martinica results? Mexico moments ago won their Mexico vs. Martinique 2013 Copa Oro game. That game now sends Team Mexico to the quarterfinals.

Before Sunday’s Mexico vs. Martinica 2013 Copa Oro soccer game, LALATE told fans that a Mexico win would advance the team to the quarterfinals. That has now happened.

Sunday’s game was one of the best for Mexico in some time. After struggling in Spring soccer matches, Mexico’s Copa Oro lineup is now on fire. On Sunday, the team’s Copa scoring leader Marco Fabián de la Mora delivered yet another goal. At only twenty-one minutes, he delivered the first goal of the game for Mexico.

Luis Montes shocked news with another goal just thirteen minutes later. Mexico was expecting to go into halftime with a 0-2 lead. But at forty-three minutes, Kevin Parsemain scored for Martinica. Then, late in the second half, Miguel Ponce produced a third goal for Mexico. Final score in Sunday’s game was 1-3, a big win for Mexico.

So what is next for Mexico soccer fans? The big game will be on July 20 from the Georgia Dome. Mexico will play the B2 team. LALATE can report that you will either see Mexico vs. Haiti or Mexico vs. El Salvador 2013 for that match. The B2 standings remain unresolved until Monday evening.

For now, Fabian has scored in two of Mexico’s three group games. Moreover, every time that Fabian has scored for Mexico in this Copa, the team has won. If Mexico and Panama win their quarterfinals games, fans could be in store for a possible Mexico vs. Panama semifinals match. For continuing coverage of Mexico’s Copa Oro results click HERE.

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