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Bison Fire Map 2013 Prompts New Nevada Wildfire Concerns

Bison Fire Map 2013 Prompts New Nevada Wildfire Concerns

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bison Fire Map 2013 grew dramatically yesterday. Tonight the Nevada wildfire is prompting concerns for Smith Valley, Artist View, near Upper Colony Road and Slater Mine.

The Bison Fire Map was reported by LALATE back last week. But after slowing down, the fire picked up dramatically on Monday. Officials in news statement today confirm that the blaze “fire has made significant runs on July 7 and 8 to the northeast through the Slater Mine area, burning through dense stands of pinyon pine, as well as crossing over the crest of the Pine Nut Range and backing down into the north end of Smith Valley.” As a result new evacuation orders are in place.

In an news briefing July 9, Bison Fire officials confirmed that the fire is now “on the east side is backing downhill toward Pipeline Canyon, which is on the west side of Smith Valley.” The concern prompted Lyon County Sheriff to issue voluntary evacuation orders today. Those voluntary orders govern “the area north of Artist View and west of Upper Colony Road. Residents can call 775-463-6620 for evacuation information, including where to evacuate large animals.”

Fire officials indicate that the shift is serious. The fire remains at twenty-five percent containment. “Plans are in place for positioning of both air and ground resources should the fire continue to move farther east and/or north. A spike camp has been established in the Smith Valley area for incident resources working on the east side of the incident.” For the current fire map, click HERE. For other fire news click HERE.

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