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Powerball Winning Numbers July 6 Prompt $70 Million Anticipation

Powerball Winning Numbers July 6 Prompt $70 Million Anticipation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Powerball winning numbers for July 6, 2013 prompted a $70 million anticipation tonight. The Powerball payout grew this week. “There were no winners for Wednesday’s drawing”, officials tell news earlier this week. But moments ago, the Powerball winning numbers for July 6 were announced to news as 2, 13, 35, 36, 52, Powerball 11. The cash value tonight is worth forty-one million dollars, officials also added.

Earlier this year, officials told news that you will see different Powerball results this 2013 than in previous years. Two dramatic changes in the last twelve months will result in higher payouts this year, achieved more often throughout the year.

First, payouts will run up higher because Powerball has added more states. In a news statement in May, Powerball officials reported that the addition of California just this April 2013 has delivered results that no one would have anticipated. Officials told news that the rate of sales in California has beaten all expectations. That California addition has infused the fastest growing segment of players in recent memory.

Second, the price of a Powerball ticket has been increased from one to two dollars. Officials claim that Powerball will never be the same again. They report to news that record levels will be broken repeatedly, more frequently then ever before, because double earnings are generated each drawing.

Other factors have also improved the game’s outcomes. Among them are increased publicity.
Officials report that publicity from Powerball has grown dramatically since higher payouts are being achieved more often.

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