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Asiana Airlines Crash SFO Flight 214: Officials Confirm 2 Dead

Asiana Airlines Crash SFO Flight 214: Officials Confirm 2 Dead

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Asiana Airlines crash at SFO Airport today, Flight 214 from Seoul South Korea, has left two dead. The Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) today July 6, 2013 has ended in 61 injuries and 2 deaths. Officials however tell news that no emergency calls were made prior to the crash. The plane crashed as it was landing.

Officials at the Asiana Airlines crash site confirm that the Boeing 777 crash after its tail snapped off. The tail broke off following landing at 11:33 PST Saturday. Immediately officials had to divert traffic to other airports. Travel into SFO was diverted to LAX, Oakland, SJ, Sacramento & LA airports by midday Saturday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is already on scene today, chairman Deborah Hersman tell news. San Francisco, Redwood City, and San Mateo fire crews are still on scene at runaway 28.

The plane was about to land when its tail came off. Witnesses claim that the plane’s landing gear had not yet deployed. The above photo was tweeted by David Eun, the executive vice president of Samsung. Eun was on the plane when it crashed. It reported “I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal…”

“You heard a pop and you immediately saw a large, brief fireball that came out from underneath the aircraft,” non passenger witness Anthony Castorani told CNN. “At that moment, you could see that that aircraft was again starting to lift and it began to cartwheel … You could see the tail immediately fly off of the aircraft.”

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