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Aaron Hernandez and Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Could Marry in Quick Wedding: EXCLUSIVE

Aaron Hernandez and Girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins Could Marry this Week: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Aaron Hernandez and girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins could marry this week, despite what any Sheriff believes, LALATE can report. A jailhouse wedding by Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins prompted outrage by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson this week. Hodgson told news that he would do everything in his ability to block any wedding between Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins. But LALATE can report that Hodgson’s claims are vacant threats and that Hernandez and girlfriend Shayanna have every right to marry right away, even this weekend.

A mere visit of a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace to Aaron Hernandez’s jail cell this week could quickly marry Hernandez to Shayanna Jenkins. Moreover, Hernandez legal team may also have a member of staff already licensed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The wedding debate started this week when Hodgson told news “I don’t subscribe to that. I feel that those rights are things that you access on the outside, if you’re a good citizen. We’ll do everything we can to not have that happen.”

But LALATE can report that Hodgson has zero right to block the Hernandez Jenkins wedding. A mere visit by the Justice of the Peace could end this debate. “Justices of the Peace are public officials that have sworn an oath that to ‘bear true faith and allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and [to] support the constitution thereof.'”, Massachusetts rules hold. Despite Hodgson’s fuming, a wedding ceremony can be conducted anywhere in the state, even in jail, LALATE can report. “A marriage may be solemnized by a Justice of the Peace, anywhere in the Commonwealth.”

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Moreover, when requested, a Justice of the Peace may not refuse to perform the marriage ceremony even if ordered by Hodgson. The only reason for Hodgson to stop the wedding would be pursuant to law, namely “a Justice of the Peace who knowingly marries a couple that is prohibited from marrying in Massachusetts could be punished by a fine and/or imprisonment. G.L. c. 207, § 50.” There is nothing that has “prohibited” this couple “from marrying in Massachusetts ”, LALATE can report.

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Can Hodgson actually block a visit of the Justice of the Peace into the jail? He can’t do that either. Moreover, Hodgson might actually not know that it’s happening. If the visitor is also part of Hernandez’s legal team, Hodgson won’t have any idea of the wedding until after it has happened.

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At issue is the spousal privilege. Defense counsel will argue that once married Jenkins may not be ordered to testify against Hernandez or be questioned further in the Hernandez case. Defense counsel moreover will assert that any testimony or evidence given by Jenkins prior to the couple’s wedding is still protected by the spousal privilege. The DA is expected to disagree about both assertions.

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Jenkins’ testimony is critical for several issues. First, she has understanding of the couple’s surveillance camera system installed before the murder. Several hours of tape are reportedly missing from the night in question. Second, she is expected to have an understandings of the persons and vehicles visiting the couple’s house the night in question as well. Third, she might have heard some conversations by Hernandez with co-accused during the night as well.

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